‘Crazy Taxi’ returns in game for iOS and Android

The arcades and the Dreamcast game gamepara, “Crazy Taxi”, will have a new version, this time for mobile devices running iOS and Android systems called “Crazy Taxi: Rush City”. It will be free, will have extra items that players can buy and will be released in stores virtual devices still in 2014.

The game is in development by series creator Kenji Kanno, and is the first time the game gahha version made exclusively for mobile platforms. There are versions of games already released for iOS and other platforms.

The commands are different on devices with touchscreens. Instead of allowing control cab running madly around the city to let passengers where they want within the time allotted, “Crazy Taxi: Rush City” terpa focus dodge the cars on the streets while following the taxi to your destination. The look also changes slightly and is more cartoony.

The game will be released in March in Canada and Australia and arrives later this year around the world, according to Sega.