How to crash Whatsapp of android users

WhatsApp is one of a number of messaging apps that have taken advantage of data plans on smartphones to provide a practically free alternative to texting. The service costs nothing for the first year and is $1 a year thereafter, letting users swap text, pictures and audio clips, as well as set up group chats.whatsapp_issue So if you want to crash your friend’s WhatsApp Messenger then you have to do the following steps :

Firstly download the smileys code from Here

Just copy the emotions and whatsapp it on the victim’s number as soon as they open it there whatsapp will be crashed 😀

If you are an iOS or Windows Phone User and this is sufficient but if you are Android User you need to install WhatsRemote by following the link here :

Login using a Google Account and with the same Google Account Take the 3 days trial subscription in your device.

Login with your system and start crashing !

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