Completion of the merger of Nokia to Microsoft is postponed to April

Nokia does not expect to complete the sale of its phone business to Microsoft until April, as conversations with regulators in some markets it serves creep, the company said on Monday (24), which fueled speculation that should make more concessions to close the deal.

Analysts said the delay means that Nokia , who hoped to close the deal by the end of March, you may have to make concessions on the license fees that will be charged on patents that will remain with the Finnish company after the deal is closed.

Earlier this month, media reports said that Google and Samsung Electronics had asked Chinese regulators to ensure that the business of 5.4 billion euros (equivalent to U.S. $ 7.18 billion) between Microsoft and Nokia did not lead to higher licensing fees.

“[The delay] is a bad sign. They have discussed with the authorities for a long time, and still need more time,” said Sami Sarkamies, analyst at Nordea Markets.

Without its loss-making mobile phones, Nokia will in the future more than 90 percent of its sales with the unit of Nokia Telecommunications and Network Services, equipment and also have a collection of technology patents, as well as a software unit navigation.

The expectation is that Nokia reveals its new strategy following the closing of the agreement with Microsoft.