Compare Apple’s interface and Android Watch Wear round

Indeed, one does not need to think to choose between Apple Watch or a Wear Android , simply because the clock only works with a single operating system respectively. Watch the Apple iOS while Android only play with Wear is only compatible with Android.

Therefore, this article is not comparable to you whether to choose one over the other, this article is simply a comparative view of the task, the 2 different operating systems like only. The writer ( ArsTechnica ) only 360 Moto thus Wear images of Android is recommended to go one bit corresponding to the display of this timepiece. Whereas Apple interface Watch is a completely new development by Apple Wear it relies heavily on Google Android Now. It can be seen clearly Apple is trying to show as much information as possible on the screen, while Google is going in the opposite direction. Google just trying to express the necessary information, as simple as possible. Watch Apple Consequently, we see too much of the content, even things that are not necessary, even with the screen Wear Android is more open, more gently. Apple does not publish detailed information on the screen of Apple Watch, as well as the screen size to its resolution, while Android devices Wear usually resolution is 320 x 320.

The main screen is a list of Apple’s software, the clock Wear

However, should show all of the Apple screen capture to help users better, you will see a clear and easy choice want to use the software. Meanwhile, the Android-based Google Wear Now and you almost have to communicate by voice on the the smart meter is. Apple and Google also expressed views quite contrary of clock problems Smart. While Google tries tightly controlling the quantity and seems to want to go through all of Google Now, Apple is expanding and calling the 3rd party software developers for their watches. Right Watch released today, they have provided SDK for developers, sooner or later, the number of software on both platforms will resemble each other only.

Apple focuses more on software, Wear it does not

With Apple Watch, watches the screen lock, but with the clock Wear clocks always show the ones you would choose to perform on the Apple phone Watch, Wear it will be even with voice commands Apple to display all on one screen, while Google wanted more open and simpler displays Apple display weather by the hour, while Google is in accordance with the present time And this is the result if you ask by voice Apple can now receive, attachments … while Google simply content with similar messages, with the new content Google is dominant Apple will include Google maps are going nowhere just to ThatApple can make more and more different units This is a stopwatch screen similar to the timer and countdown display stock information display schedule on the phone like Apple Watch, Google is also leaner Capture Screen customization of both the operating system