Company offers satellites to Boeing gone collaborative search

flight mh370 path

DigitalGlobe, now U.S. provider of geospatial imagery, provided two of its five satellites in Earth orbit for a collaborative effort to help in searches of the Boeing flight MH370, gone the route Kuala Lumpur – Beijing on Saturday (8) with 239 people on board.

As reported on the website of the Wall Street Journal, the satellites are flying several search zones in the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea and sending images to an online platform company (go here ). From there, volunteers can analyze the photos and look for clues to the plane of Malaysia Airlines.

On Wednesday (12), also one of the satellites fly over the area north of the Straits of Malacca town which was subsequently included for areas of searches.

In an interview with WSJ, Luke Barrington, senior manager of DigitalGlobe, said the initial images were viewed by 100,000 volunteers, and each pixel of the photographs has been viewed more than 100 times.

The Boeing 777-200, which stretched from Malaysia to China , was last viewed on the screens of air traffic controllers between the Malaysian city of Kota Bharu and the southern tip of Vietnam early Saturday (8).