City Wizard: an addictive puzzle match pieces

Wanted to start telling you that it is very hard to write this post because City Wizard is simply addictive. I have no words to describe what this damn game is doing with my life.Missed a deadline on Wednesday. I’m out to lunch so far. My girlfriend dumped me. Ok, that last part was not the game’s fault. Anyway, I need help to get rid of the addiction, I feel that my life is disturbing.

You’ve probably played a game in which the goal is to join three equal parts to earn points.Wizard City resembles the classic Triple Town , which is necessary to create combinations of three identical objects so they become something more level. Then you combine the other three higher level and creates another object of even greater level. Repeat this until you get many points as possible before to find more space to create better objects. It’s not complicated, just play the initial level to understand how things work.

Here is the Link to play the game:

Basically it’s like this: you choose which area of ​​the map you want to place the item in your hand. Normally it is a flower. Place three flowers in adjacent spaces and you get a bush.Three adjacent bushes, a tree, and so on. The more complex the object created, the more points you earn.

Obviously, there are some things that can derail your logic. For example, there are stones that can not be combined with other stones, you must use the power-up ray to remove it from the map. There are also zombies that have moved the map, preventing the execution of your plans foolproof – making them completely fallible. To kill a zombie, simply enclose it in pieces and he will turn into a tombstone. You can also put three tombstones and form a church that gives many points.

Wizard city is divided into several levels, where the map and the starting position of the objects leave the increasingly complicated things. To proceed to the next level, just reach the minimum score in each level. When most trained, can go back and try to beat your top score in each of them. Bye now, I need to return to addiction.