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How to Crash any PC Browser – Cool Trick

It’s really quite easy trick and it can crash mostly every browser you can send this file to your friend and crash his browser. So let me explain you how to do it. Tutorial 1) Open Notepad in your PC. 2) Now copy the following lines and paste it in notepad. @echo off start

How to Use Keyboard as Mouse in Windows

What you gonna do if your mouse unexpected stops working ?. Some times it happens, I Recently got the same problem and guess what i did, just used my keyboard as Mouse here is the simple way to use your Keyword as mouse rather than simply depending on Mouse. Generally in all Windows OS have

Windows 9 could be announced on September 30

Microsoft is planning to hold an event next month to officially announce the successor to Windows 8 so far codenamed “Windows Threshold”. The most likely date is the 30th which is At least close to the company said recently heard by sources The Verge . Windows Threshold has been subject to increasingly rumors for a number of reasons. The

Basic MS-Dos Commands for Beginners

What is MS-Dos ? It is MicroSoft Disk Operating System its a Non-Graphical Operating system in Windows.Its implies to CMD Command prompt this command lines are very important for us to learn.Rather than doing large operations you can do small by using this command lines.   How to use this commands? To enter this commands