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How to crash Whatsapp of android users

WhatsApp is one of a number of messaging apps that have taken advantage of data plans on smartphones to provide a practically free alternative to texting. The service costs nothing for the first year and is $1 a year thereafter, letting users swap text, pictures and audio clips, as well as set up group chats. So

How to Remove Unwanted Backlinks from blog

Getting Unwanted backlinks to your Blog that has taking your Ranking down then you can get rid of the unwanted backlinks.What this spam backlinks can do ?.They can Down your rank in google and in Alexa.Who generate this spam backlinks the people who dont want to get high traffic for you.Your compititors etc.This spam create

Rule Wi-Fi Networks Using this Android Tools

This tools will make you the King of Wi-Fi network.Want to access the Facebook accounts of public network or home.Wi-Fi networks are not so securce they can easily accessiable.So in this session we are stealing Cookies and access Fb account.These wifi apps are Free. Face Niff 1) First Connect to the WiFi network. 2) Now