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Sync large files a bit faster by Dropbox

Synchronize files between computers over the Internet is convenient, but the upload speed of the connections makes this process is quite time consuming. Dropbox  is trying to make the task less painful  with the “sync streaming”, which promises to significantly reduce the time required – theoretically, it is possible to double the speed of large files in sync.

The Apple With the iWatch

Apple Iwatch Apple need a new product to enhance it glory again to market,After the Iphones and ipads.Apple is Being searching for the new innovative product.Now its working on a new project which is iwatch.Let’s check it out. Apple Iwatch Features -You can easily answer your call right from the watch like jamesbond and Spyguys. -Using

Googles Self-driving Cars On Streets

Google the largest Search Engine and Online Marketing is Know working on Self-driving cars.So what is google’s self-driving car ? What you have to do to drive this car,Noting just sit back at your seat and select your Destination this car will automatically drive on Street this car specially use a Sensor Based Technology which