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Best new computers in 2014

New iMac screen ultra sharp 5K, Alienware Area 51 for gaming, 4K and Yoga 3 Pro with the ability to rotate the flexible folding models are very noticeable in the Best new computers end of 2014. Design is not “in touch” with Apple’s impressive thinness combined with a 5K resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels

Rumor : Virtual reality glasses from Samsung?

A few months ago we heard the sound of virtual reality glasses from Samsung. According to them, the gadgets are being developed with its own hardware, but in partnership with Oculus VR software. Who had access to sources familiar with the first development was the Engadget . Now the SamMobile , after allegedly seeing the device management app also has some

Cybersecurity Watch The Google New Project Zero

Every day more than 1000 Cyber attacks takes place world wide attacks like Spamming, Online Frauds , Malware , Torgans and Cyber attacks. Day by Day google has Increaseing its Cyber Security so  Now google announced a new project named Project Zero. This is a Great Team of Cyber Security they will watch on security

The leader of Google Glass went to the Amazon

This weekend, the leader of Google Glass, Babak Parviz, announced on his Google+ page that he was leaving the company and going to a new one: Amazon. Parviz is an expert in micro size, biotechnology and “high-tech with social impact” technology, all settings according to himself. Beyond Google Glass, also helped create in the laboratory Google X, the smart

Top 5 Cool Gadgets to Buy Under 1000 Rs

Want to buy Cool Gadgets for you in this month here are the top 5 cool gadgets to buy Under 1000 Rs.   Ambrane USB Portable Charger This cool Gadget helps you to portably Charge you phone anywhere. You have forgotten to Charge your phone and want to charge it while going to your Office,School and