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Best new computers in 2014

New iMac screen ultra sharp 5K, Alienware Area 51 for gaming, 4K and Yoga 3 Pro with the ability to rotate the flexible folding models are very noticeable in the Best new computers end of 2014. Design is not “in touch” with Apple’s impressive thinness combined with a 5K resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels

Windows 9 could be announced on September 30

Microsoft is planning to hold an event next month to officially announce the successor to Windows 8 so far codenamed “Windows Threshold”. The most likely date is the 30th which is At least close to the company said recently heard by sources The Verge . Windows Threshold has been subject to increasingly rumors for a number of reasons. The

Microsoft air strip used by virus systems that monitored webcam

The Microsoft dropped several control servers used by a pest called digital Njrat or Bladabindi.Although the ability to perform various activities, the pest is widely used to monitor the webcam of the victims. Developed by a kuaitiano, malware is, according to the more popular in the Middle East and North Africa maker Symantec antivirus. There are several instructions in