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Google Can Remove Long URLs From Chrome

Imagine, you open your favorite browser – in this case Google Chrome – enter the address of your favorite blog – in this case the ! – And begins to navigate the most relevant news from the world of technology. Find a story so interesting So decides to send to a friend via email.Behold, when you click in the address bar

Googles Self-driving Cars On Streets

Google the largest Search Engine and Online Marketing is Know working on Self-driving cars.So what is google’s self-driving car ? What you have to do to drive this car,Noting just sit back at your seat and select your Destination this car will automatically drive on Street this car specially use a Sensor Based Technology which

Is Adsense Stealing Money from Publishers?

Yesterday an Known person pasted some secret information on, claiming  that the company was and still is stealing money from publishers. Google has denied the whole posting. Google has provided the following statement to TNW: This description of our AdSense policy enforcement process is a complete fiction,. The color-coding and ‘extreme quality control’ programs the