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How to Create Confession Page on Facebook

Now a days confession pages are becoming really popular.Have you ever thought about the confession pages on facebook for Confession of collage,school,office etc.Using confession page you can post in a facebook page anonymously.So how to make this confession page?.They are easy to make Just follow this simple Steps to Create a confession page in facebook. Tutorial: How

Getting Logged Out from Facebook Automatically ?

Today everybody is friendly with Facebook the most famous social networking site we have till now,Facebook currently have 1.28 Billion monthly active users, you can connect with your friends,family,workers etc. Facebook is not only for chatting, people use it for playing games,advertising,sharing and more. And it sucks when you logged out of Facebook automatically. There

Facebook goes down for some users

The social networking site Facebook is facing instability on the night of Friday (9), which has hindered the access of some users. According to the website “Is it down right now” (now out of the air), which checks the response time of Web pages, social network no longer respond to 19h56. The site “Down for everyone or just