Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Is More than Just a Point-and-Shoot Camera

The Canon PowerShot SX200 IS is a point-and-shoot camera. The wide-angle lens available with 12x zoom that is integrated into a compact body is a big advantage for the device. Moreover, it boasts of the HD video recording capabilities as well as full manual control over aperture, focus and shutter speed.

Although the camera looks a bit odd it is still attractive. You can choose from the following color choices: blue, black as well as red. Despite the fact that it is enabled with wider as well as longer lens, the SX200 IS is quite pocketable.

But still there are some quirks in its design. The motorized flash is considered to be one of them. As a matter of fact, it rises automatically from the top. The dime-sized Mode dial is enabled with 13 selections, which is considered to be the second quirk.

Controls that you can find on back are standard, they is a directional pad as well as four buttons. In fact, the device feels sturdy although its right side is covered with plastic.

The camera offers two Auto modes, i.e. scene-recognizing Smart Auto as well as Easy mode. Moreover, you can take advantage of Aperture priority, Program, Manual and also Shutter priority modes. It is not difficult to alter aperture as well as shutter settings.

Actually, the model provides a very good photo quality. It offers sharp images, but still they are a bit smudgy.

The Canon PowerShot SX200 IS is a solid device that provides you with enough shooting flexibility.