You can now activate the new Twitter design on your profile

The new design of Twitter profiles , one with great photos, especially the tweets with more engagement and plenty busy on screen, today became available to all users of the social network. If you do not come for you, just wait – or activate it yourself.

To do so, simply click this link and if you like, agree with the change. At first, the new dimensions are highlighted in cover photo and profile, so you can tailor your images to the new design. And voila!


If you will please or not, we’ll have to wait and see. But change is bold. The idea, at least it seems, is to bring an attractive so more people continue to use the social network: A recent study showed that while the number of inactive beads increases, the amount of tweets decreases.

Officially, the social network did not comment on the reason for the change, but ends the post saying that announces “your Twitter profile shows the world who you are”, which sounds rather like an invitation for customization of content (you can even set a tweet that you enjoy most at the top) and for people to use as a sort of virtual business card.

The novelty, at least for now, only changes the layout of the profiles, ie, the timeline, the replies and all you usually move in the social network continue as they were before, with the same web interface. In official applications also no changes that resemble this for now.