How to build an awesome PC under 40k

You can build an awesome PC for just 40,000.

Below is the list of all the parts with the price(in Rupees)

Motherboard : MSI A78M-E35 – 4.5K

CPU/APU : AMD A10 7850K – 12.5k

RAM : Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3B1/4G – 3.5k

HDD : Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB (SATA 3.0) – 3.6k

Optical Drive : LG/HP/Samsung DVD Writer (SATA) – 1k

PSU : Corsair VS450 or VS550 – 2.1k or 2.9k (550W gives flexibility to add a GPU later)

Cabinet : Any iBall/Zebronics – 2k

Keyboard + Mouse : Logitech/Microsoft Wireless – 1k (Check Tradus Deals)

Monitor : HP 22Fi or AOC i2267FWH – 10k (AOC for Gamers, HP for everybody else)



1. In the monitors, HP may not be as impressive as the AOC, but in real-life, the AOC’s colours always look like that yellow-ish Movie mode, and the HP trumps it completely. (Except for Gamers)

2. Instead of a dedicated SMPS you can get an inbuilt one with an iBall/Zebronics cabinet, but you risk all your components

3. Getting a good Surge Protector or a UPS is HIGHLY advisable

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