Bored ? Here is the list of some interesting Websites!

Its Weekend and i am feeling bore so thought to write an article of interesting websites, i will be sharing few interesting sites to visit when you are bored or you don’t have any work to do. 😛


1. Dear Photograph – This website features photos of people holding another photo which they took several years back in that exact place, below is the demo of the picture.

2. Textastrophe – Next time you post your phone number in a public place, think again. This site is a collection of text messages exchanged with people who have done just that.


3. This Is Why I’m Broke – Unique stuffs on the internet, that you never knew. For example a jet pack or a dolphin power boat, the site have them all must visit it.


4. Lamebook – Funny stuffs people post on Facebook are shared here.


5. Find the Invisible Cow – Move your cursor around to find the cow. It’s hiding behind the shouting. Make sure you turn your audio on before playing.



If you want me to include any other site then please comment below with the site link 🙂