How To Scrape Facebook Post From One Page & Post On Yours?

So i was trying to find a working method to get images from a facebook page and post it on mine but couldn’t get any working method so i thought to build one.


You need 3 things before you start scraping images from a facebook page.

  1. Facebook page token(must be your page in which you want to upload images).
  2. Your Facebook page ID
  3. Facebook page ID of the page you want to scrape.

Now go to Fb Poster

Fill all the details like token,Page id and click on “Generate URL”.

It will generate a url which you have to add in any cron-job sites. Like i use cron-job.org

or you can use your server to start a cron job. Select the time frame and it will run on the given time and check if there is a new post uploaded. If yes then it will copy and upload it in your page.

The is the beta version i might improve it in future.

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