BlackBerry unveils new security system for messages

The Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones announced Monday (16) the launch of a “system of enhanced security” for messages sent from smartphones in an attempt to regain their corporate clients who have great need security, such as banks.

Protected BBM application for the messages exchanged between the phone company will use from now on the FIPS 140-2 security standard, as used by the U.S. government.

The company will encode the messages sent by popular BBM system on the device authenticates the sender and then decode the smartphone and the receiver.

The BlackBerry was a pioneer in manufacturing smartphones, but over the years lost ground to the iPhone and devices running on Google’s Android system. In 2013, the company posted record losses.

Although security was highlighted as an advantage of the BlackBerry against its competitors, the company has cooperated with police investigations in several countries, the authorities providing access to messages of its clients.

A week ago, the Canadian police announced the arrest of 33 alleged mobsters after accessing millions of messages sent by BlackBerry devices since 2010. An intervention of this type in messages also helped the Los Angeles authorities to dismantle a drug trafficking network in 2013.