Beware of New Facebook Scam that Steal your Password and Username

Through Facebook Says that they site is fully Secure and non vulnerable.But,Their are many Scam in facebook that steals your Password and Usernames like You saw a link in some External sites to Login from facebook.As soon as you click on that page you will be taken to a phishing it is maked by some Naughty Monkeys it looks same as Facebook page if you enter password and Username in that will send the Username and password to them.

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So what is that new Scam?.This is same as Phishing method but slightly Different how it works.First you will receive a Malicious Email to your Email account that You haven’t been to Facebook for a few days, and a lot has happened while you were away.


As soon as You click on any of it then you will be taking to an Malicious Website  which steals your Username and password that you have entered.



Don’t believe in Suspicious facebook emails.So best way to stay protected from this types of scams is Just only login from you see kid of the stuff like example or www.xxxxx etc links just don’t login.