Best Tips to Save Android phones Battery

We all of us love our android devices.But,The Major problem of android phones is consume of high battery, Want to save your android phones Battery life.Just follow this simple and effective tips.

1) Kill Battery Wasting app and unused apps.

Go to SETTINGS>Battery the Choose the apps which are using more battery and the apps that you wont use at most times.



2) Manage Brightness.

Managing Brightness you can save your android battery life up to 22%. Go to SETTINGS>Display>Brightness and Set it to Automatic Brightness. And set Screen timeout to 15 Seconds.


3) Disable Location Based services

Disable the location based services like GPS and google location report. Go to SETTINGS > Locations.



4) Disable WiFi and bluetooth when they are not necessary.



5) Use the Best Power Saver app like Easy Battery Saver.

Requirement: Android 2.0 +

One of my top Battery saving apps is “easy battery saver”.It Save’s Our android phones battery up to 55% .It will Increase the battery life by Optimizing the habits or unwanted Running apps on background.And also off your WIFI, Bluetooth and Data when they are not needed.


They are Five Battery saving mode in Easy Battery Saver

‘Normal Mode’:- Won’t do any battery Keep your phone normal

 ’General Power saving mode’ :- Network control and Screen control and sleep mode

‘Intelligent Power Saving mode’ :- Saver Battery Life intelligently

‘ Super power saving mode’ :- Saves battery efficiently

‘Advanced customized mode’ :- Save your battery by Setting General control, Network control, Screen control, Schedule control

See the exact consumption of android device.Battery Information, Remaining Battery Capacity of Talk time,web surfing,Audio playback,video playback Details Etc.

Download : Easy Battery Saver

This are Our Best Tips to Save Android phones Battery .


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