Best iOS 8 Features for Business Users

Its time for apple for new OS which is iOS 8 it brings really new features for the users this OS is mostly Consumer Focused it has Healthkit and HomeKit platforms. Through with this features it got new features for the business users.


Extension of Collaboration and storage

Extensions are not only limited to Keyboards and apple has promised to integrate more tradition way of file storage. Although some apps have an option to share one app content to other or by third-party cloud services.

Extension of collaboration has removed the barriers between the apps and service. Finally it has more extensions than iOS 7.

Better Mail Management

They are many Email clients but most of us use Built – in Email service. So in iOS 8 has intergated better email service ever like new gesture will allow you to follow up, Message’s from unknown address will be marked as Red, Secure Emails etc.

Finger Print Scanner

The Touch ID make the phone more Secure. Touch sensors are integrated better in iOS 8 to give secure finger print scanner for its user.

Better Keyboard

The best feature that stood up for iphone is Onscreen keyword which use unique and new to the market in 2007. It is delivering much better keyboard performance ever and its offering third-party keyboards.






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