Basic MS-Dos Commands for Beginners

What is MS-Dos ?

It is MicroSoft Disk Operating System its a Non-Graphical Operating system in Windows.Its implies to CMD Command prompt this command lines are very important for us to learn.Rather than doing large operations you can do small by using this command lines.



How to use this commands?

To enter this commands Open CMD command prompt and after finishing every Command Press Enter.



– Use d: to change Directry C drive to D.If  you want to go another dirve like e: then simply enter f: then press Enter to change it.

md to make a New Folder.

– To Rename a file use this code Rename Filename Newname then press enter.

– To change the folder in the Drive use this cd folder name.

– To clear Screen Use cls

– To view the Folder Dir

– To Create a Text File Copy Con

Text to enter ——— – – – – – then

F6 to Save it and press enter.

Del to delete a File

Help to get help

Type to display the Content in Text.

Ver to display your Windows Version

Finally Exit to close Cmd.