How to Avoid Hackers and Spam on Facebook

I have seen lots of people who get hacked/spammed by virus aka viral script.

Here are few steps to safe yourself from it-

1. Use of “HTTPS” in Facebook

You should always browse Facebook using HTTPS as it blocks random malware/virus
Go to setting tab>Security>tick on secure browsing then save!


2. Use of “Login Notifications”

You should always use login notifications to see who all are accessing your profile.
Just click on Login Notification and Tick “Email” and “Text message/Push notification”


3. Use of “Trusted Contacts”

Trusted contacts are friends that can securely help you if you ever have trouble accessing your account.
You will find “Trusted Contacts” in the Security setting, just click “Choose Trusted Contacts”


4. Do not fall in SCAM which says free iphone,free points,omg you can see it etc
They are fake, they ask you to give them permission of your account via random apps so they can update your status
anytime and spread virus.

5. Do NOT use random facebook application (ie. your lover, your profile visits,your crush)
They all save your data, and can anytime access your profile.

6. The most Important one DO NOT enter your facebook email id and password any where else, you must verify the address of facebook.
Do not enter your password in the domains like anything dot com/facebook or similar to it.
If you have any question or suggestion feel free to drop a comment below ..