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Cybersecurity Watch The Google New Project Zero

Every day more than 1000 Cyber attacks takes place world wide attacks like Spamming, Online Frauds , Malware , Torgans and Cyber attacks. Day by Day google has Increaseing its Cyber Security so  Now google announced a new project named Project Zero. This is a Great Team of Cyber Security they will watch on security

Is Antivirus are Really Necessary for Android or Not

This very Frequently asked question that Antivirus are Necessary for Android Devices or Not ?. So Android is an Operating System which is like a human which get Sick due to some viruses right, Same conclusion works here Yes android devices also need antivirus to protect them self from this virus like vaccination in Humans

Basic MS-Dos Commands for Beginners

What is MS-Dos ? It is MicroSoft Disk Operating System its a Non-Graphical Operating system in Windows.Its implies to CMD Command prompt this command lines are very important for us to learn.Rather than doing large operations you can do small by using this command lines.   How to use this commands? To enter this commands

Top 5 Cool Gadgets to Buy Under 1000 Rs

Want to buy Cool Gadgets for you in this month here are the top 5 cool gadgets to buy Under 1000 Rs.   Ambrane USB Portable Charger This cool Gadget helps you to portably Charge you phone anywhere. You have forgotten to Charge your phone and want to charge it while going to your Office,School and

How to Remove Unwanted Backlinks from blog

Getting Unwanted backlinks to your Blog that has taking your Ranking down then you can get rid of the unwanted backlinks.What this spam backlinks can do ?.They can Down your rank in google and in Alexa.Who generate this spam backlinks the people who dont want to get high traffic for you.Your compititors etc.This spam create