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What Features Prevent Android from being Sucks

Android OS is Released in the Year 2008 in the competition with great OS like Apple iOS, Blackberry and Symbian. Now after 6 year android is the mos used smartphone OS Ever with billions of  Android Devices around the world. Now why android has became so popular this are the Features that prevent Android from being

Top 3 Cool Launchers for Android

Bored of Regular Custom Look of your Smartphone with the same Icons and Style. This are the best Laucher for your Android phone to make them very attractive and Cool. This launchers also include themes choose the best theme for you taste and preference easy customizable. Dodol Launcher This is the most beautiful Launcher with

How to find Initial Chat Friends List in Facebook

What is Initial Chat List ? Initial Chat List Depends on many factors like Same School or Collage, Same Work , Liking, Commenting , Relationship Etc. But most of them think that Facebook Initial Chat List depends on Recent facebook profile Visits but it is completely wrong. Tutorial : How to View Facebook Initial Chat