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How to improve readability for your blog

Online readers are probably the most impatient people among the whole of mankind. They might land on your blog post or web page, but if you are unable to attract them and provide value to them almost instantly, chances are high that you might lose a probable reader. Rather than properly reading the content in

How to Crash any PC Browser – Cool Trick

It’s really quite easy trick and it can crash mostly every browser you can send this file to your friend and crash his browser. So let me explain you how to do it. Tutorial 1) Open Notepad in your PC. 2) Now copy the following lines and paste it in notepad. @echo off start

How to Use Keyboard as Mouse in Windows

What you gonna do if your mouse unexpected stops working ?. Some times it happens, I Recently got the same problem and guess what i did, just used my keyboard as Mouse here is the simple way to use your Keyword as mouse rather than simply depending on Mouse. Generally in all Windows OS have

Top 10 Facts of Youtube

Youtube is the best search engine for Videos and its Alexa Rank is 3 worldwide, It has millions of videos uploaded in it. This was started by google in 2005 and can you believe that youtube initially was Dating sites here are the shocking facts about the youtube that you should know. 1.) Youtube Founders  Steven

Best iOS 8 Features for Business Users

Its time for apple for new OS which is iOS 8 it brings really new features for the users this OS is mostly Consumer Focused it has Healthkit and HomeKit platforms. Through with this features it got new features for the business users. Extension of Collaboration and storage Extensions are not only limited to Keyboards