The apps supports Touch ID

Touch ID increasingly more amazing after allowing for non-Apple apps can also use it to change their password login as before. For example, instead of having to enter the 4-digit passcode to open the Dropbox app, you only need to touch your finger to the ID that’s it. Many applications do not use passcode before but now after supporting Touch ID, you can use right away, simply because just adding a layer of security that does not have to take time to sit and press the passcode.

Here is a list of applications that have been updated to play with Touch ID:

Dropbox (Free): storing data online.
OneDrive (Free): storing data online.
Authy (Free): two layers of security like Google Authenticator.
1Password (Free): individual managing multiple passwords.
Evernote (Free): create notes with text, pictures, sounds.
Scanner Pro ($ 2.99): imaging documents and convert into PDF invoices with automated image corner and watch.
Mint Personal Finance (Free): collection management / personal expenses.
LastPass for Premium Customers (Free): many managers like 1Password personal password.
Amazon (Free): buying and selling all things on Amazon .
Target (Free): shopping in Target.
Airbnb (Free): rental service, find a place to rent.