Apple unveils new mobile system iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad


IPhones and iPads will receive a new, iOS 8 operating system in 2014. The new system was introduced by Apple on Monday (2) an event in San Francisco (USA). Among the new features are a resource to focus data-centric applications for healthcare called “HealthKit” and also a feature called “HomeKit” to allow the company to control some devices devices like smart house locks, thermostat and even lighting.

The company also announced the new system of Macs, MacOS X Yosemite Drive and iCloud cloud service.

Both the 8 and the new iOS MacOS reach the consumer at the end of 2014.


The look of iOS 8 is similar to the iOS 7, which changed the icons of the applications, leaving them cleaner. One of the news and that, upon receiving a notification message that appears on the top screen, the user can answer it right there, without having to open the application.

This feature also works on third party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook – this, you can enjoy or reply to a message without acessr the program. There are also new features that use gestures to respond to calendar invitations and the “app” emails.

The search feature of iOS 8 was imported from new Mac ( see below ) that facilitates the search by including applications that are not on the device.There is a new system called QuickType keyboard, which suggests words for the user clicks during typing text, increasing the speed of message creation. You can also answer phone calls from the iPhone on the iPad, which must be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone from Apple . The same goes for Macs with the new enterprise system.


The messaging service iMessage won important improvements that make it closer to the WhatsApp, Facebook. You can send and receive audio and video – and this content can be accessed without opening the application.

Apple also focuses on health with the launch of HealthKit. The feature monitors data from other applications focused on health, whether for racing or application for control of diabetes, and collection all in one area. The company says that user privacy is maintained.

To control home Apple introduced the “HomeKit” that will allow users to control the house having locks, thermostat, lighting and other smart devices. The feature will be integrated with the digital assistant Siri and the user can “ask” that she turn off the lights in the house, for example.

The company also introduced the Family Sharing feature, which lets you share files such as photos or iTunes content such as music and movies, with up to six family members. An interesting point of this novelty happens when a child tries to buy a game. It can send a message to the iPhone release or father who can not buy.

When you open any application, you can trigger the window iCloud Drive and download a text or graphic to be used in a job, for example.

For games, Apple introduced the Metal feature, which improve tenfold the performance of plays in enterprise devices with Apple A7 processor. Studios can create games with 3D visual of the next games.

During the opening of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 14, Apple said it has sold over 800 million iOS devices, with more than 500 million iPhones and more than 200 million units of the iPad.

Tim Cook used the event to poke and Google Android operating system. Cook says that 130 million people bought an Apple device in the last year, and that many of these clients had an Android before.”They bought an Android by mistake … and sought a better experience and a better life.”

New MacOS X Yosemite
Apple introduced its new desktop operating system, Mac OS X Yosemite, which brings graphical changes and new services to the iMac, Macbook and MacPro computers.


The bars, icons and windows changed and there are transparencies that allow files and images to be viewed behind these bars. The icons of the programs were all created from scratch and bring a more updated and clean look. There is a “dark mode” where there are no warnings from other programs appearing to distract the user.


The Spotlight searches have changed and appear in the middle of the screen and to find specific files is faster. Searches for web content can be done through this feature, eliminating access to the browser, for example. Just start typing to the system already present results, like the Google web search.


There is a new notifications center, imported from iOS, which allows quick access to the agenda and other applications.

Apple also launched a service for storing content in the cloud, called iCloud Drive. Similar to services like Google Drive, Google, and OneDrive, Microsoft, it will be compatible with iPhone, iPad, Macs and Windows PCs. A feature called maildrop was presented. With it, the attachments of the emails are sent to the recipient by the cloud using iCloud Drive, allowing users to exchange files up to 5 GB.This space is free and there are plans paid for from $ 1 per month to have 20 GB.

Changes in the Safari browser, according to Apple, improves battery performance of the company’s notebooks, especially when using services like Netflix. There is a higher rate of access to sites and visual increments favorites or access to frequently accessed sites.


Have AirDrop feature that lets you share files quickly between iPhones or iPads, was brought to the Mac, allowing data exchange between devices. Another recusro the Handoff lets start work on the computer and finish it on an iPad or iPhone, or vice versa.

Macs can now receive phone calls. When the iPhone receives a call, a warning appears on the Mac’s screen and the user can answer it directly on the computer. Using the list of contacts from your computer you can also make a phone call.


The developers of the new version for MacOS X is available now and the final version will be free and should arrive by the end of 2014.


Week of development
Presentation Apple opened the weekend of the annual event for developers Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), held in San Francisco (USA), which is in its 25th edition.Participants attend lectures and courses to create applications and services for the mobile enterprise system, iOS, and computers, MacOS people from 69 countries participating in the event, the largest ever made ​​by Apple. There will be over 1000 software engineers of the company to help participants.

The company says it has 9 million registered developers and increased 47% from 2013 to 2013, according to Cook.

The Apple CEO also said that while the PC market fell 5%, sales of Macs grew 12%, reaching a historical installed base of 80 million computers. On the adoption of the system OS X Mavericks had 40 million installed copies, the biggest launch of a company’s operating system. In one year, 51% of users have adopted the system. In comparison, in two years, Windows 8 had a 14% adoption.