Apple stops selling iPhone 4, but there Stocked appliance replacement

The Apple iPhone 4 withdrew from virtual stores in Brazil and China on Thursday (20). The unit was previously the entry model of the company, since that happens to be occupied by the 4S, sold for $ 1400 version with a capacity of 8 GB (Gigabytes).

Both stores were the only ones in the world that still sell the device. It cost £ 1100. The G1 came into contact with the official Apple store in Rio, who still own the iPhone 4 in your inventory, but only to replace damaged equipment, not for sale. The device was released in June 2010.

The iPhone 5 also is no longer sold by Apple Store, discontinued after the release of 5c.Colorful and plastic, the smartphone is the bet Apple to gain space between the segment of mobile phones with more affordable price-the cheapest model, 16GB costs $ 2000 in Brazil.

In Europe, Apple began selling an 8GB version that costs on average U.S. $ 83 less than the cheapest model in Brazil.

Apple also retired the iPad 2 as the input of your tablet model. Now is the iPad 4 with Retina screen and connector Lightining – new standard of enterprise – which has this function and arrives costing $ 400 in the United States. The price is the same as the iPad Mini with Retina display and is $ 100 cheaper than the iPad Air, the latest version of the device.