Apple and Samsung are facing new trial for patent

The American Apple and the South Korean Samsung failed to reach an amicable agreement to end the legal battle over patents in the courts of the United States , paving the way for a new trial in March, a judicial source.

The principal officers of the two groups, Tim Cook and Apple’s JK Shin of Samsung , met a few days ago, but negotiations broke down, according to a document filed in the California court in San Jose

It was just one of the judges of that court, Lucy Koh, in charge, who had requested both parties to submit a friendly agreement until February 19, since the beginning of the trial was scheduled for March.

But Apple and Samsung did not reach an agreement on a cross-licensing agreement, according to the document.

The two groups would face, according to analysts, the clause called “no copy” requested by Apple that Samsung refuses to sign.

In this case, Apple attacks the rival by five patents, one related to Siri voice application which it says was stolen.

Apple accuses Samsung of having intentionally copied the iPhone design and asks the U.S. court to ban the sale of certain smartphone models the company in the United States.

Samsung accuses Apple of stealing four patents.

This was not the first time that the two companies have tried unsuccessfully to reach an amicable agreement.

A U.S. court has imposed in May 2012 two days of talks between Cook and the then CEO of Samsung, Choi Gee-Sung.

Without an agreement, began the greatest trial for patent infringement in the United States in decades.

Samsung was finally ordered to pay 930 million dollars in fines Apple.

But the maker of the iPad to justice immediately requested a ban on the sale in the United States of smartphones and tablets from the South Korean competitor, which according to Apple violated its patents.

Both companies trade accusations of patent infringement and face off in various courts around the world, with mixed results.