Apple releases iOS updated with new system ‘CarPlay’


The Apple launched on Monday (10) iOS version 7.1 which includes, in addition to bug fixes, the new CarPlay, an application that allows you to use the tools of the iPhone with voice commands or ringing in the motor panel.

Released a week ago, the CarPlay causes Telephone, Music, Maps and Messaging applications are controlled through personal assistant Siri, which responds to voice commands, or through the rings on the dashboard. With this, you can call, trace routes, send messages and change songs through the new application. The new system runs on iPhones 5S, 5C and 5.

According to Apple, vehicles from Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo will integrate with the system further in 2014. Other 13 major automakers like Ford, Chevrolet and Toyotam, already has according to board CarPlay in future models, the company says.

The update released on Tuesday also includes changes to Siri, which is replaced by new voices into Chinese, English (UK and Australia) and Japanese, in addition to allowing the user to signal when its finished questioning instead of noticing when the wizard the application was closed.

In the new version of iOS, the calendar shall automatically display the holidays, and iTunes Radio allows users to purchase with a touch screen in the albums they belong to a particular song that is being played by the player.

The update also brings changes in accessibility, improvement in camera and a fingerprint recognition Touch ID, present in iPhones 5S.