Apple negotiates streaming TV provider Comcast, says newspaper

The Apple is negotiating with North American provider Comcast agreement on a television streaming service, according to the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal”, citing people familiar with the matter. The partnership would allow signal decoders Apple circumvent congestion web.

According to the “WSJ” discussions are in early stages and there are many hurdles to be overcome before a final agreement can be reached. Comcast and Apple declined to comment on the matter.

Apple, you want to separate the traffic from your TV service from the public internet traffic for a higher transmission speed, is seeking a special deal with Comcast cable to prevent congestion, the report said the “WSJ”.

Decoder Apple TV costs $ 100 and competes with similar transmission devices from Roku and Google.

Netflix agreed in February to pay Comcast for higher speeds, opening the possibility that more content companies need to pay for a better service.