Apple launches iPhone version of 5C with space of 8 GB in Europe

The Apple released a new iPhone model 5C, cheaper version of the device and with color cover, with storage space of 8 GB. The model will be sold exclusively at least for now, by the operators and the shops of the company in Europe.

Until then, the iPhone had 5C models with spaces of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The version with less storage will be, on average, U.S. $ 83 cheaper than the 16GB model.

Aside from memory, the device is the same with 4-inch retina, 8 megapixel camera and Apple A6 processor screen.

One reason to release a version with less storage space and is cheaper to try to warm up iPhone sales 5C, which was not expected by Apple success. The company tries to rethink their marketing strategy, offering the low-cost iPhone for an even more affordable price.

Also changes in the iPad
The Apple iPad 2 also retired as the input of your tablet model. Now is the iPad 4 with Retina screen and connector Lightining – new standard of enterprise – which has this function and arrives costing $ 400 in the United States. The price is the same as the iPad Mini with Retina display and is $ 100 cheaper than the iPad Air, the latest version of the device.