The Apple With the iWatch

Apple Iwatch

Apple need a new product to enhance it glory again to market,After the Iphones and ipads.Apple is Being searching for the new innovative product.Now its working on a new project which is iwatch.Let’s check it out.

Apple Iwatch Features

-You can easily answer your call right from the watch like jamesbond and Spyguys.

-Using iwatch you can easily receive text message and reply it

-iwatch has a special feature you can test your pulse rate using iwatch.

-The Apple iwatch comes with corning’s willow glass Screen with curved glass.A willow glass is a glass which is thin,paper like glass which can be easily bent.

-iOS Operating system,iwatch comes with the iOS operating apple iwatch comes with some specific apps such as facebook,evernote,calender and more.

-iwatch will feature music control.

-It comes with sensors

-siri and icloud will be included in iwatch

-Blutooth and NFC also included in iwatch to pair with iphone and android phone.


Iwatch comes with the cool curved look for wrist which makes it more attractive and comfortable.By using i watch you can remotely manage your iphone and android devices.Currently apple rumors suggest to give full operating system to device rather than ‘lite’ such as imessage,icloud,siri,Apple Maps.

The rumors of Apple not specified that whether to include 3G and Wi-Fi or not.About 100 designer are designing the iwatch design.The Apple rumors trying to include as more features as possible.


Apple iwatch release date

Apple rumors decide to release the iwatch the product will be available upto the 2014 Dec

The apple rumors decide the price of iwatch range between 250Euro – 800Euro.