Is Antivirus are Really Necessary for Android or Not

This very Frequently asked question that Antivirus are Necessary for Android Devices or Not ?. So Android is an Operating System which is like a human which get Sick due to some viruses right, Same conclusion works here Yes android devices also need antivirus to protect them self from this virus like vaccination in Humans to prevent Disease.


How many Android Users Infected by Viruses Every Day?

Every Day Thousands of Android Devices are Infected with Malware and Viruses. According to a Company ” Cheeth Mobile ” has found that Every Day 10,000 – 20,000 Android phones are infected by this virus.

What this Virus’s Can do?

Every month More than hundred of Virus and Malwares are Created to Infect Android Users so what this can do?. They Can stole your Credit card or Debit card and Your Personal Files like contact Information,Data and secret Files etc. They can Harm your phone Firmwork and slow down’s your phone .

So for more View your Post Hacking android phones is getting Easier Post on how android phones are hacked and what they can do.

What you can do to Prevent from Virus and malware ?

– Do not Download APK files without Google Verify.

– Do not click on suspecious Email Link or SMS links.

– Every time you install android app make sure it don’t have more permission then it required.

– Install android app Only from Playstore.

– Do not Install Unnecessary android apps.

Finally Is Antivirus are Really Necessary for Android or Not ?

Yes Antivirus are very important for your Android device to protect it from this kind of thefts.