Android malware can mine Bitcoins on your smartphone

The Trend Micro discovered a malware may have infected more than a million Android devices worldwide. Identified as ANDROIDOS_KAGECOIN.HBTB, it uses the processing power of your device and related to mine Bitcoins.

They found the malware in both applications downloaded outside the Play Store – Modified versions of the popular  Football Manager Handheld and TuneIn Radio were infected – and within the Google apps store. Two of these are mentioned in the post: Songs and Prized – Real Rewards & Prizes .


According to the post that details the discovery of malware, the descriptions on the permissions of the apps are good jobs, so the user would not suspect that your smartphone will be used to mine virtual currencies. To function, it uses the code of tools that mineram coins in change of popular apps that are downloaded by users of Android versions. By using a lot of energy, the threat is only “on” when the unit is on battery charging, so that the user does not notice a drastic decrease in load.

Also according to the posting, the same malware can mine various currencies: he has earned hundreds of Dogecoins for your (s) designer (s) and now mining Litecoins. The mined Bitcoins with this process have already been transferred to his wallet (s) several times.

Trend Micro suggests paying attention to the behavior of your smartphone to find out if you have not downloaded any infected application: if loading slowly heating up too much or running out of battery too fast, you may have something else using your machine without you learn.

Although the principle does not present a threat with regard to your data stored on the device, ANDROIDOS_KAGECOIN.HBTB can shorten the life of your phone, albeit on a small scale. Just the fact of being in apps already downloaded millions of times causes it to be considered a serious pest.

To avoid being an orange Bitcoins unknowingly not hurt to remember: it’s always good to have an antivirus installed and atualziado on your smartphone.