Android app that makes ‘selfie’ with two cameras


The FrontBack application that uses the rear and front cameras from your smartphone to take two photos and paste them into a single image, recently won a version for Android devices. The download is free (click here ).

Originally released in 2013 for iPhone (download here ), the app can be used to add a “selfie” (or self-portrait) to a landscape photo where it was taken, and vice versa, and contextualize them.

However, it is also possible to make the two pictures with the same camera, the most creative users have used the function to take a “selfie” double or to create assemblies, for example.

The FrontBack works similar to Instagram, the app so popular photos from mobile devices. You can follow other users, enjoy photos and look for the most popular (or recent) images of the moment.

And to share pictures on Facebook and Twitter, the app lets you send your own creations to Instagram.

Veterans of apps photos, however, might miss a feature filters in FrontBack.