Advance Feature in Android that Most of you Don’t Use – Voice Commands

We all Know about Android is Little.But Most of Us Don’t Know about Advance Features in Android.This Features has Blow away the Android Future.That is Voice Command the Phone On your Command speech.So How this Works and what are the Commands here are that.



– Go to Your Phone Home Screen.

– Select Voice Search app open it.

– Give Command to your phone what you wanted it to do.

Commands :

Comman Commands

– Go to “”

– Open “Gmail”

– “Record a Video”

– “Take a Picture”

– Search Bhawani Garg

Media Commands

– ” Listen to { Gangnamstyle }”

– Play {One Direction}

– Watch {Toy Story}

– What’s this Song

Other Commands

– Call { siddu sharma }

– Call { Dad Mobile }

– What time is it in India

– When is Sun Set

– Listen to VoiceMail.

– What is Facebook Stock Price Etc.!!

Watch this Video for Commands!!