A potato salad has raised more than $34,000 on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a hotbed of news and innovation in all areas where you can be creative, but not only this kind of project the site is made ​​and which was published on Friday is proof of that. Not just for being, shall we say, unusual, but for being one of the most successful funding history of the site. He called Potato Salad and, as the name implies, is a potato salad.


The project was created with the goal of raising a mere 10 dollars and, so far, managed more than $34,000 – that is, more than enough, ensuring his place in the hall of fame site.And still have 25 days of campaigning ahead!

Among the rewards of Potato Salad, no sending photos of the salad ready, the possibility of choosing to be an ingredient in the recipe, receive a portion of salad ready (the creator does not know how to send) and a T-shirt, among other things. The most expensive quota of $ 50, entitles, and all other prizes, a cookbook with potato salad inspired by the countries of each of the project’s investors.

You’re probably now wondering if this is real, right? And the answer is: yes, the project is real , you can contribute and everything else. But how this project  came on Kickstarter?

Well, the site of collective funding gave a “loosened” the rules in early June with the announcement of Launch Now feature allows creators to put the project on the air without the prior approval of a site moderator. To give the automatic OK, the site uses algorithms that analyze various points and decide whether or not it can be aired without being evaluated by a person before.

Kickstarter can, however, remove the project from the air at any time if you find that he violated the rules of the site – it is not the case with Potato Salad, however, and its creator also not afraid that the fact that your project be say, joker, put the crosshairs on Kickstarter, as said in Reddit .After all, if someone asks, are just people wanting to make a great potato salad …