This 5 Steps will help you to make money with Youtube

Everyone knows about Youtube, many people use it too for watching videos and uploading theres.But you can make lots of money using Youtube. You just need to learn few basic things and i will tell you the 5 steps which will help you to make money from your uploaded videos.

1. Create channel related to your interested of area – always create a youtube channel of your interest,it will help you alot.

2. Upload real video do not copy – always upload real video(s) which is made by you, don’t just copy random video and upload it to your channel.

3. Connect your adsense account with youtube – the main part of making money, you have to connect your youtube account with adsense in order to generate money.

4. Monetized your video with google ads – always monetize your videos with google ads

5.Share it in Social Media – sharing is important part, after uploading videos start sharing it in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


So, this where the few simple steps if you need any other suggestion just comment below and i will reply 🙂

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