3 Steps to Keep your android phone Safe from virus


Now a days security is the major problem for android devices.They are many Virus effect android devices,Every day Hundreds and thousands of android phones are effected.So here are the 3 Steps to keep your android phone Safe from virus and malware.As we has show a example on Android phone security post.

Step 1:


Install a Free antivirus app Lookout,Nortan,AVG antivirus,MacAfee Antivirus & Security.But,Dont install two or More just install only one according to your Favor.I prefer Lookout

Step 2:


Do Not Install any app from Torrent,Browsers and third-Party sites Only Install them from Google Playstore.If you want to install android app from external resource Google Verify it while installing.Because there is a chance of Blinding that apps with malicious Virus Codes.

Step 3:

Android Permissions Review

Switch Off “Unknown Resoures” Permission in Application Settings. Use Password restrict Purchases.View the Permissions of the app make sure that they don’t have any unwanted permissions.