3 best TV in 2014

The picture quality is still important to buy TV now and 2014 witnessed an explosion of LED and OLED technology LCD TV, Plasma phasing.

Plasma display technology is highly appreciated for visibility, image slide show gradual “extinction”. Panasonic, the manufacturer with the best Plasma TV and high-level statement also stop making this product line.

This year, the TV village received the throne TV technology of LED LCD TV when supplemented and mass dissemination of new technologies, to enhance the image quality as Ultra HD 4K resolution or screen design simulating large curved screen in the professional theater. 2014 also saw the OLED display technology for next generation display quality even than Plasma, started more widespread, gradually reasonable price.

In addition to the technology of the whole market, names such as LG, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, Sharp also actively apply proprietary technology, integrating new image processor, more powerful… to gives users TVs beautiful image quality and excellence, satisfying enjoy movies at home.

3 TVs have the best picture quality this year:

Samsung HU9000

Samsung HU9000 not only beautifully designed with curved screen, which also owns an impressive image quality with high resolution 4x Full HD. This is one of the most prominent high-end TV market launch in 2014.

When screenings, HU9000 show regenerating brilliant color, wide range of colors and high contrast images help brilliant, lively but not harsh. The phenomenon of light glare is minimized by design fancy curved screen. Manufacturers from South Korea to also equip its most advanced TV series trendy technologies that contribute to the high image quality, such as Auto Depth Enhancer mode that automatically adjusts the contrast or PureColor help refine and color reproduction fidelity …

The combination of the curved screen and a resolution of the Samsung HU9000 UHD not only bring a product with fancy design, elegance but also offers a TV model possesses excellent image quality, providing cover Fascinating movie experience at home.

You can check in Amazon: Samsung UN65HU9000 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV


EC930T LG is a typical representative for new technology trends with OLED display, and the product is also good for the faithful love toward home movies. Compared with conventional LCD and LED screens LG EC930T technology for better visibility, particularly in contrast and black levels thanks to the fact of not separate backlight system. Each pixel can glow makes OLED TV screen becomes much thinner and EC930T property papery style.


Response rate of greater than 1,000 OLED screen LED technology, brings impressive experience while enjoying the action film. Another noteworthy point is that LG OLED technology uses pixel structure WRGB (4 white, red, green, blue) is called White-OLED, replacing RGB pixel structure on technology OLED other party. This makes life White-OLED screen above while retaining excellent image quality.

With size 55 inch Full HD resolution at sample 1.080p LG OLED TV is responsive and smooth sharpness network when performing movies. Compared with similar curved OLED model launched last year, this year EC930T LG sold at a reasonable price while about $3200 for 55 inches in size, is very attractive in comparison with image quality as well as a design impression that this product offers.

Check Amazon here : LG Electronics 55EC9300 55-Inch 1080p 3D Curved OLED TV

Sony Bravia X9500B

Do not rush to follow curved design or new screen technology as the pair above, the Sony Bravia’s senior X9005B to make an impression and strong attraction entirely in the ability to show movies. Also UHD resolution 4 x Full HD, Sony equips its product technologies 4K image processing such as the latest generation X-Reality Pro 4K, lifting up 4K video signal from any source development, or X-tended Dynamic Range Pro helps increase the range of light that 3 times brighter image.



Compared with last year, the current size of 4K TV giant Sony Sony X9005B has been designed in a minimalist style and square, but fashion than with a new type of base metals. In addition, Clause “see”, the “listen” on the advanced TVs can also show strength through technology transfer fidelity audio, surround sound effects create a 360 degree clear, vivid with S-Force technology Front Surround and ClearPhase.