250 new emojis are on the way

New emojis, animated figures from the world of internet, are on the way of chat applications. The Unicode Consortium released on Monday (16) a new version of its package of symbols and characters used by the technology industry to standardize the settings of the keyboard software, applications and other systems.

Unicode is a nonprofit organization formed by executives of technology companies aimed at creating graphical patterning, like the characters. In version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, almost 250 new emojis were included, in addition to 2,834 characters, as the symbol of the ruble, the Russian currency, the manat, and the currency of Azerbaijan.

According to Unicode, most new emojis are adaptations of figures that had been circulating on the web.

In the list, there is for example the image of the typical greeting Vulcans in the “Star Trek”-that show where the fingers were arranged in a “V” and when taken by Spock, was accompanied by the words: “Life Live long and prosper. ” There are also simpler graphical representations such as a squirrel or a dove.

Generally, the shapes of letters, symbols and standardized by Unicode designs are never simple and colorful. The implementation of the new standards remains with the handset manufacturers and software developers.

In March, an online campaign asking for Apple to include emojis of blacks and Latinos on your keyboard. The company came to apologize and said he was working to bring more diversity to the animated figures, but that Unicode was responsible for establishing standards of style.

In April, a company developing African applications of Mauritius, has created a package of black emojis. The “Oju emojis,” the company said, were meant to “celebrate our diversity.”