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Hi, I am Bhawani Garg
Front-end &
Back-end developer
based in Rourkela,Odisha.

I love to build, fix, and create things. I’m a Web Designer & Developer by profession.

I have a deep passion for WordPress/PHP and have been consulting and developing with it for over a decade. I live in a beautiful small town Rourkela, Odisha, India.

I’m driven by a constant need to create – whether it be around the house, designing, or coding – for a living, or just for fun. For over 10 years I’ve been building things on the computer, from making event posters to putting together dashboard web applications – and building every possible type and size of a WordPress site you can imagine. It’s my passion, my career, and my hobby..

I’m tweeting, taking photos and writing articles about tech, tips, how-to & self-improving & building projects, recently made, & Slideshare Downloader

For collaboration or questions;
[email protected]

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