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How to crash Whatsapp of android users

WhatsApp is one of a number of messaging apps that have taken advantage of data plans on smartphones to provide a practically free alternative to texting. The service costs nothing for the first year and is $1 a year thereafter, letting users swap text, pictures and audio clips, as well as set up group chats. So

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the application to exchange messages most used in the world,it has more than half a billion users . All this popularity is due to its versatility for the exchange of messages, but in the midst of many conversations. Some may be more important than a simple message, a picture of humor. The service that integrates the application

WhatsApp can allow you to Mute Groups for 1 Century

You are a person like me.who want to shut mute Unwanted WhatsApp Groups.Then you can do this with the Recent Whatsapp Version 2.11.230.They are some pretty spams or messages of whatsApp groups with the popup sounds.Follow this step to set Mute Whatsapp groups for 1 Century. 1) Now make Sure that you have the Recent WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp on PC is easy!

How to Install WhatsApp on PC To download and Install Whatsapp on PC using BlueStacks Step 1: Download BlueStack (free Windows Application) Download BlueStacks for Windows  Step 2: After Finishing the Download Double Click on Downloaded File, Click Continue, Click Install. Step 3: Now Download WhatsApp APK File Download WhatsApp APK  Step 4: After Finishing the Download Double Click on Downloaded WhatsApp APK file. Step 5: Now whatsApp will install