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Sharp introduces smartphone edge

Sharp is best known in Brazil for manufacturing televisions but in Japan, smartphones are company catalog and model announced this week is pretty impressive design. Called Aquos Crystal, is a 5-inch smartphone that has virtually no edge. The race to the bottom edge of all is not new in the field of smartphones. The option for this

Amazon is preparing its own Smartphone

Amazon will organize  an event on Wednesday (18) which will present a ‘mysterious’ device to be a smartphone with 3D screen that will revolutionize the market. The Web giant gave some clues about the product, and invited a small group of journalists to the event, which will be presented by its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

How to install Torrents on your smartphone

As like your PC you can Use Torrents in your android phone.So first i will Recommend you that use the WiFi network and if you Unless you have Data Pack with Unlimited Data because it automatically downloads your list when your connected to any network. The process of using torrents in your PC is same

Curved screen smartphone from LG arrives in Brazil

The curved screen smartphone from LG, the G-Flex, will be launched in Brazil for $ 2.7 billion, reported the South Korean manufacturer said Thursday (27). The device goes on sale from LG in the second week of March and throughout retail to the end of the month. Trend among televisions and mobile phones, the curved screens