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The apps supports Touch ID

Touch ID increasingly more amazing after allowing for non-Apple apps can also use it to change their password login as before. For example, instead of having to enter the 4-digit passcode to open the Dropbox app, you only need to touch your finger to the ID that’s it. Many applications do not use passcode before

New threats from hackers may come from your pen drive

It seems that our information is never saved in the digital world. The security expert Karsten Nohl, the SR Labs today unveiled a new way in which hackers can invade your computer: USB devices. According to Nohl, hackers send software for small chips that drive the functions of the devices. These programs can change the programming of

Top 5 Hacker(s) in the World History

1) Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick is the Top Hacker of his time and a Most Wanted Computer Criminal in U.S History.He Was Jailed Twice one in 1988 and 1995.He has Damaged the Communication Systems like Motorola,Nokia,Sun MicroSystem etc.He has Damaged the Source code of Digital Equipment Corporation.The company Spended 170,000$ to Cleanup the DEC Systems. 2)

Excessive use of smartphone can damage your eyesight

People who spend time ‘glazed’ on their smartphones may be increasing the risk of eye damage, warn British ophthalmologists. The alert also concerns the excessive use of other devices such as computers, tablets and flat-screen TVs, which can cause long term damage. The warning stems from a British survey of 2000 participants, indicating that people

Learn 5 things that are ‘wrong’ with the internet

The internet is a wonder, considering how complex and how it all seems to work as well: connectivity around the world quickly and cheaply. Behind the scenes, however, the Internet carries problems generated by the ideals of trust and simplicity that guided the creation of the network. The Digital Security column this week brings five examples. Check out.