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Windows 7 Black Screen with Cursor Error Fix

Windows Black Screen Error is Comman. Infact i had this problem at times this a kind and it occurs due to many Factors.Here are the some fix’s for this problem. Fix 1: Sometimes it occurs due to Graphical Driver Problem so for this Just Tap on SHIFT button for 5 Times.Then a Window Dailog will

Unknown error 961 Android Fix

Getting an error in playstore while installing a app like “unknown error 961” then you can fix this error by following two methods for android. 1) Go to Android Phone “Settings”. 2) Now go to “Applications manager” and swipe and go to all. 3)Click “Google playstore” then select Empty Cache button   4) If this

How to fix 403 play store Error

Getting an Error in Google Play store while you try to download a app or Game,”Could not download due to : 403″.This methods gonna help to get out of this Error. Method 1: Clear Proxy By Clearing the Proxy you can fix this error to do this follow this steps – Go to “Settings” then