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The apps supports Touch ID

Touch ID increasingly more amazing after allowing for non-Apple apps can also use it to change their password login as before. For example, instead of having to enter the 4-digit passcode to open the Dropbox app, you only need to touch your finger to the ID that’s it. Many applications do not use passcode before

How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Easy Methods

Forgotten Your Android phones pattern or Someone has Overrided it then noting to worry.In this Tutorial we are gonna tell you How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Easy Methods in two ways. Method 1 Using Google Account This method will only gonna work if your Phone Mobile Data or WiFi is ON.In your Phone if

Android app that makes ‘selfie’ with two cameras

The FrontBack application that uses the rear and front cameras from your smartphone to take two photos and paste them into a single image, recently won a version for Android devices. The download is free (click here ). Originally released in 2013 for iPhone (download here ), the app can be used to add a “selfie” (or self-portrait) to a

How to remote access PC from android or iphone

How would be it,if we access our PC remotely from anywhere and anytime using android,iPhone or ipad. If you are forgotten to shutdown your PC you can easily shutdown it using your Smartphone or Tablet. You can also make video and audio calls form PC to android phone or Tablet. We will do this by